Postcards from Japan – quick and easy to customize

Facebook and Instagram have integrated into part of our daily life, but...


The practice of sending postcard while travelling overseas is becoming rare. Would you be touched to receive a postcard from a distance away?

As social media (Facebook and Instagram) has integrated into part of our daily life, our on-goings are sort of synchronized anywhere we are.

However, to receive a written postcard from a friend once in a blue moon will definitely make your day.

Is there a way to send a customized postcard to a friend while in Japan?

A piece of cake. A photo from your camera or mobile phone could possibly become a postcard. This will be one and the only one in the world. But, how are you going to send it? Don’t worry, we will guide you there.

Keep it simple, everything is possible with just a mobile phone (with sufficient battery) !

The easiest way is to install the apps. Upon installing, upload the photo, follow the steps and send it out. You save the trouble of buying postcards and stamps, but merely relying on your smartphone. Payment could be done with credit card.

– Ink Cards

From customization to delivery only costs USD1.99 (within US) or USD2.99 (countries outside US). Plenty of format to choose from. It caters for the needs of travels, festivities and other events. Based on Ink Cards’ website, the delivery time to some countries in Asia is relatively long, approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Get it on Google Play

– TouchNote Postcards

Despite the common use of smartphone, some of you might like to use camera, especially during the travel. The advantage of TouchNote is that it not only has the apps on smart phone, but also with desktop version. Particularly useful for those who want to create a postcard out of the photo from their camera. Each postcard requires 1 credit (=USD2.99).

Get it on Google Play

What about a conventional hand-written postcard?

The methods introduced earlier are quick and simple. However, you miss the part of writing the postcard and affixing stamps on it. To materialize the wish of “Made in Japan”, you would have to follow the conventional way.

A convenient store chain in Japan could make your wish come true:

credit :

Within each 7-11 store across the country, there is a multifunctional machine with postcard printing feature. Customer could bring along a microSD, SD card, memory stick, USB or compact flash and connect to the machine or via Wifi from mobile phone to print the postcard*.

*require to install the 7-11 multifunctional machine apps (in Japanese only: iOS  or Android )

The machine has English and Chinese language option and is easy to operate. It accepts file in six different formats: PDF, JPEG, BMP, XPS, XDW, TIFF, each shall not exceed 6MB. To print a black and white postcard costs JPY20 where a coloured costs JPY60 (printing paper will be supplied).


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